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DiTech A.V. Supplies Gear for Disciple Now Weekend

By April 1, 2016news

Disciple Now Weekend draws high school and middle school students in the Grand Prairie, Texas area together. Held at First Baptist Church, the youth retreat is a 3-day long gathering that includes praise and worship, bible studies, concerts and speakers. The youth pastors that organized the event turned to Ditech A.V. of El Campo for their production needs, providing the church with gear from Mega Systems, Inc.

To create a worshipful environment, DiTech A.V. used 9 Mega-Lite Axis Beam 2R fixtures, 6 Mega-Lite XS Strobe LED RGB fixtures and 5 PR Lighting XLED 3007 fixtures. All the fixtures were then controlled by the Enlighten ONE Console.

Paul Guthrie, Owner of DiTech A.V., loves the versatility of the Axis Beam 2R fixture. The pin spot and gobos are among some of his favorite features. Plus, it’s really bright. “It’s a great unit because we didn’t have to use a lot of haze for it to be effective,” say Guthrie.

DiTech A.V. used the XS LED Strobe RGB fixtures as both a strobe and a wash. The brightness of the fixture allowed Guthrie to wash the entire stage.

For control, DiTech turned to the Enlighten ONE Console. Guthrie wanted to interface with the production fixtures and the church’s installed lighting, which includes 10 Mega-Lite EvriColor fixtures installed by Ford AV. The Enlighten ONE Console allowed him to do that. “That’s what makes the Enlighten ONE Console great,” says Guthrie. “It is easy to use, but then it also has some complex and powerful features.”

The event looked spectacular and was well attended. As a result, the host church is considering adding some of the fixtures to their rig permanently so they can have access to the looks anytime.