Outshine Strip Q80

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Product Description


The Outshine Strip Q80 is a multi-directional strip fixture with pixel control. The unit’s innovative design and low profile makes it an effective footlight for illuminating performers. In the upward facing position with the unit’s adjustable base, the Outshine Strip Q80 serves as a beautiful linear strip for washing walls and curtains.

The Outshine Strip Q80 achieves deep saturated colors and soft pastels with its 16 LEDs. The white and amber LEDs create a wash that is complimentary to skin tones. And, the single source LEDs create a smooth wash free of shadowing from traditional LED configurations.

Lighting designers will love the added flexibility seen from the unit’s pixel control. When set up in configurations with multiple units, the Outshine Strip Q80 can display designs limited only to the users imagination. The fixture’s versatility is further displayed by the unit’s silent fan and flicker-free LEDs, making it camera ready. The unit is controllable via DMX 512 and has 5 modes of operation.

-Available in Black and Gray
-Narrow Beam Lens Accesory

15° Beam Angle