CAVA Array Systems


Product Description

The CAVA (Compact Active Vertical Array) employs 2 8″ woofers and 2 1.4″ voice coil neodymium magnet drivers especially designed to meet the frequency re-quirements of the system.
The CAVA has a V shape frontal cabinet design with a 90° angle. This design is used to optimize the cou-pling of the high frequency drivers by allowing less separation from one driver to the next.
The hardware for the CAVA is made of high grade aluminum and it incorporates a spring loaded design. That will allow the user to assemble the array with out having to place hands between the cabinets.
The system produces a frequency response is from 100Hz to 18KHz and is capable of producing a peak level of 136dB. The components inside the CAVA are able to handle 600 watts of amplifier power and a peak power of 1200 watts.