VSP 198


Product Description

VSP 198S takes advantage of the welcome model VSP 516S, and create better user configuration interface with broadcasting quality square buttons and OLED display module, also integrated with DVI loop and SDI loop for the multiple processors cascaded, where VSP 516S will need external distributor. VSP 198S builds a standard HDMI interface, and can support to connect the input from HDMI directly, and conenct to DVI by a DVI to HDMI adaptor.
VSP 198S keeps the same specs and functions to VSP 516S, such as seamless switching with many transition effects, up/down convertion, picture in picture with the capacity to define each display window as the same or the different inputs. VSP 198S also supports user define output resolution, up to 2560 x 1150 x 50Hz.


Product Data


Max 2048×1152/2560×816 input/output resolution; User defined output format; 3G/HD/SD SDI input; Multiple Cascade Mapping for super resolution; Pixel based scale; Seamless Switching between Inputs; Auto Input format detect and convertion; TCP/IP, USB, RS 232 Remote Control.