VSP 5162S


Product Description

The VSP 5162s combines truly seamless, glitch-free switching with advanced scaling technologies to meet the requirements of high quality, high resolution video presentations. With multiple transition effects like curtain, wipe, fade in fade out etc, it makes the performance perfect. It supports user defined image size and coordinate, dual image processing, multiple splicing modes, pixel to pixel mapping, several user configurations and multiple ways of controlling, lots of advanced functions in high-end show are available.

·Configurable preview and program
·Combines seamless switching with a variety of flexible video effects.
·3 output video: (1) Preivew VGA , (1) preview DVI and (1) program DVI
·1:1 pixel sampling
·Digital video decoder
·16 selectable vidoe sources directly from the front panel. including: 4 x VGA vídeo, 2 x YPbPr (SD or HD), 4 x composite video on BNC connector, and 4 x DVI through DVI-I connector, 1x3G SDI.
· Adjustation and conversion of user-defined Aspect Ratio
· A Adjustation of video (NTSC, PAL) Brightness, Contrast
·Valor de Gamma definido por el usuario desde -1,2 hasta 1,6


Product Data

Scaled channel input:

analog inputs (12): 4 x VGA video, 2 x video YpbPr (SD o HD), 4 x composite video, 1x3G SDI;input DVI(4): per SMPTE 625/25, compatible with HDMI 1.3

Scaler input resolutions:

up to 720p, 1080i, 1080p@50

Digital Output:

VGA (Preview Output ); DVI (Preview Output ); DVI (Program Output)

Front Panel Control:

LED panel, keyboard y LED ligted push button

Romote control:

The unit may be controlled from a computer or external controller through LAN (TCP/IP), serial RS-232 or USB.


Height:1.7" (4,4 cm); Length:17" (43,0 cm) or 19" (48,3 cm); Width: 11.9" (30.3 cm); Weight:2,5 kg.


85-264V 2A IEC-3


One year