XS 1200 Wash


Product Description

XS 1200 Wash uses a powerful 1200wts short art discharge lamp, much more pure colour output and an improved cooling system.


Product Data

Power Supply:

200V/220V/230V/240V AC,50/60Hz

Optics System:

Focus 5°in 16 bit precision Extended Frost 1:9.5°and Extended Frost 2:11.5°

Colour System:

Smooth CYM colour mixing system macro; 2 colour wheels, each with 6 dichroic colour filters plus white

Control and Programming:

Control: DMX512, 3-pin, 5-pin interface, self-test mode, RDM; Channels: Short Mode: 12, Standard Mode: 15, Extended Mode: 20

Physical Features:

Housing: Composite plastic (IP20)



CYM colour mixing 12 dichroic colour filters