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Andy Grammer On Tour With Circa Scoop LEDs

By October 25, 2019news

The Circa Scoop LEDs have been used in several applications since their release. With the series now including different sizes, Lighting Designer Joshua Koffman combined a mixture of Circa Scoop LEDs and Circa XL Scoop LEDs to transform the stage of Andy Grammer’s “Don’t Give Up On Me Tour”. 

“I chose the Circa Scoops as I was looking for a fixture that was versatile and visually interesting, but also not overbearing,” said Koffman. 

The fixtures are built with a modern twist and are upscale units designed to liven up any setting they are used in. Both units have similar features including 8 segment control for the inner and outer rings. The Circa Scoop LED is equipped with 87 WW and 45 WW + Amber LEDs which create nice soft-edged effects. Its 336 RGB LEDs can produce multiple color combinations and facilitate the ability to create authentic looks that can be used as dazzling eye-candy effects. In addition, the RGB LEDs also produce a bright cool white, allowing it to alter the mood and intensify or neutralize a color. With similar outcomes, the Circa XL Scoop LED is a larger unit with 464 RGB LEDs, 108 WW and 60 WW + Amber LEDs. 

“The variety of venues that this tour was headed to meant that the lights would be in place and visible the entire time, so choosing a fixture that could be used in many different ways was paramount,” said Koffman.

With the help of the Circa Scoops LEDs, Koffman and his crew have been transforming every venue and continued to produce successful outcomes night after night throughout this tour. 

“Tours like this one require a dedicated crew, and this tour is no exception,” said Koffman.  

Alex Noel agreed to come on as Lighting Director and was a huge help and wonderful collaborator as we put this show together on a tight schedule. Our crew Joel Muir and Ryan Kaniski suffered through me changing my mind a few times but were always able to get things working well, and with smiles on their faces. Ray Woodbury of RKDE has supported us amazingly for several tours, and deserves extra thanks for taking a leap and purchasing the entire stock of available Circa Scoop LEDs for us! Finally, Paul “Welshie” Chapman the tour manager and his entire crew deserve a huge thank you for supporting the entire lighting team during this tour.”

Even with any lighting issues presented to them, Koffman remains a satisfied customer who appreciates the quick service that Mega Systems Inc has to offer him and his crew. 

“Dealing with MEGA was easy right from the start. Emails were responded to quickly, help was never far away, and when we did have an issue in rehearsals, spare parts were available quickly.”