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Banda MS Chooses Mega Systems Products for Concert in Ontario, CA

By August 16, 2018news, Uncategorized

Citizens Business Bank Arena, Ontario, CA, July 27th to 29th — Several MEGA products were used at a three-day Banda MS concert. With numerous PR Lighting and MEGA-Lite lighting fixtures, MEGA VIEW video panels and RGBlink video processors, Heriberto Montalvo (Hammer) and his team alongside First Born Production were able to produce a successful concert which received two additional shows that were added by popular demand.

Banda MS has been nominated and has won over twenty different awards including Band of the Year for the Billboard Music Award. With many top-rated singles, Banda MS has become one of the most popular bands within their genre. Being one of today’s top bands, Production Manager Hammer decided to use top-notch MEGA products to design these shows, including the NEW Circa Scoop LED.

The new and unique Circa Scoop LED is a next-level unit designed with four different elements and features a variety of technological components that added a one of a kind look to the Banda MS concert. The Circa features 336 RGB LEDs in the inner and outer ring as well as 45 WW and Amber LEDs in the unit’s center engine and 87 WW LEDs in the reflective pattern ring. At the concert, it was used to produce multiple color combinations and create authentic dazzling eye-candy effects that illuminated the band from the top and sides.

“The Circa Scoop LED is an excellent product,” said Montalvo. “The day that I was invited to MEGA it had just arrived and I instantly liked the different effects that it had to offer, at that moment I decided that it needed to be added to our Banda MS show.”

Aside from the Circa Scoop LED, various Drama Strip P840 units were also used for uplighting of the band. The Drama Strip P840 is a revolutionary multi-directional strip fixture with pixel control. The unit’s innovative design and low profile made it an effective footlight for illuminating the band members. The unit features eight 40W COB RGWA Penta LEDs that achieve deep saturated colors and soft pastels.

To add additional effects several PR Lighting Phantom 440 units were rigged on the truss over the band and on the sides. The Phantom 440 is an astounding Beam, Wash and Spot Hybrid moving head fixture. Having three different modes, the fixture consists of a 0° to 2.8° beam angle in beam mode, 5° to 60° in spot mode and 5° to 68° in wash mode, which allowed the unit to create multiple effects onto the crowd and stage.

The XLED 1061 were also used to deliver further animation effects, they came together to create a nice luminous wash with an even distribution of colorful lights. This unit also contains countless vortex effects for aerial or kaleidoscopic projection which added more visuals onto the stage. Aside from being able to deliver animation effects the unit also created rainbow effects and pulsing strobes that fit perfectly with each song the band played.

In order to enhance the appearance of the beam and lighting fixtures and create special effects, multiple MEGA-Lite H5 Hazer units were placed on the stage. This powerful hazer can create haze with long hang times and even particle dispersion. The H5 Hazer’s output volume and speed is accessible via DMX512 which allowed control to achieve the perfect balance of the hazer’s effect.

A combination of MEGA VIEW 3.9 and 5.9 Phantom Panels were used to create visual presentations. The Phantom Panel 3.9 is an ultra-vivid display designed for indoor production with a 3.9mm pitch. With a front serviceable mechanism, it’s easy to switch out or replace a module in seconds. The Phantom Panel 6.9 is designed for indoor and outdoor production featuring a 6.9mm pitch. It is equipped with a double locking pin that makes it secure, which was a crucial aspect in the way the panels were placed. Some of the panels were placed on both sides of the stage and used to display different camera angles, allowing all of the fans to be able to see the band. Others were placed on the center of the stage behind the band. First Born Production and Montalvo added more creativity by using some of the panels to emulate the famous MS logo over the stage.

All of the video panels were controlled through the RGBlink Venus X1 and the Venus X3. The Venus X1 is a multiple outputs video processor that accepts a wide variety of video signals. It combines truly seamless, fade in fade out, glitch-free switching with advanced scaling technologies to meet the requirements of high quality, high-resolution video presentations such as the one Banda MS required. The Venus X3 is an AVMVP Video Wall Controller that is HDCP compliant, scalable, expandable for large video walls. Equipped with all of these features the Venus X3 was ideal for the Banda MS show.

The Mega Systems Inc products were used together to create three unforgettable shows. Within three different days, each different day Banda MS entertained a new crowd. Their presence and music came together with the products and impressed over 1000 people.

“To be honest with you I have nothing but good things to say about the Mega Systems products,” said Montalvo. “The products we used were specifically chosen for this production and I am very satisfied.”