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Circa Scoop LEDs Illuminate Tori Kelly Video Production

By August 29, 2019news

Tori Kelly is a singer/songwriter for multiple genres including pop, soul and gospel. With a newly released album, Wonderbox Studios had the privilege of producing and directing a studio performance session of Tori Kelly’s new album at Capitol Records in Hollywood, CA.

The filming took place during a live performance where silent fixtures would be needed that would have versatility in creating unique looks and color combinations that suited the artists needs. With this in mind, Producer of Wonderbox Studios, Daylan Williams chose to use the MEGA-Lite Circa Scoop LED.

“The units performed flawlessly for us!” said Williams. “I had never used any lighting units from the Mega Systems brand prior to this, so there was some concern as to how they would perform. Since this was a live performance, captured in one take, we wouldn’t have the opportunity to change lighting setups in between each song. Everything worked out and the artist was really happy that we were able to adjust the colors to the tempo and mood of the songs.”

The Circa Scoop LED is built with a modern twist and is an upscale unit designed to liven up any setting it is used in. It is equipped with 132 WW LEDs which create nice soft-edged effects. The 336 RGB LEDs can produce multiple color combinations and facilitate the ability to create authentic looks that can be used as dazzling eye-candy effects. In addition, the RGB LEDs also produce a bright cool white, allowing it to alter the mood and intensify or neutralize a color.

Having used similar units before, Williams needed to find and LED fixture that had a classic look. After some research, he came across the MEGA-Lite Circa scoop LED. With luck, he was able to obtain 5 units from International House of Music in Downtown Los Angeles.

“The customer service I received from Mega was great! I was having trouble sourcing the units here in Los Angeles, so I contacted Mega via their Facebook page. They immediately got back to me with vendors that carried their products here in my area.”


 John Gardiner- Director Of Photography                                                                   Emilio Marcelino- Chief Lighting Tech                                                                     Joseph Jackson- Gaffer                                                                                                     Jeff Billings- Lighting Director                                                                               Possum Hill-  Capitol Records                                                                                     Colin Wyatt- Capitol Records