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Di Tech AV Uses Mega Systems Inc Products To Transform Morgan’s Wonderland

By October 27, 2017news

Di Tech AV Uses Mega Systems Inc Products To Transform Morgan’s Wonderland

San Antonio, Texas-Di Tech AV brightened an entire room for the Free to Soar Gala fundraiser at Morgan’s Wonderland in San Antonio, TX on September 30 by utilizing several Mega Systems Inc fixtures.

Those who attended to benefit Morgan’s Wonderland and The Academy at Morgan’s Wonderland were able to enjoy a colorful and vivid event created by the N-E Color FX18, Baby Color Q70,  Drama LED W50, Color Pac 150N from MEGA-Lite plus the XLED 3007 and XR 330 BWS from PR Lighting. In addition to the light fixtures, Di Tech AV also used several Bat panels and Phantom 5.9 panels from MEGA VIEW that were controlled by the RGBlink Venus X3.

Owner of Di Tech AV, Paul Guthrie was amazed by the overall production of all Mega Systems Inc. products but found that the Color Pac 150N allowed the entire room to come together. The Color Pac 150N is a 15W RGBW LED that illuminates a long and narrow beam. It consists of a 10° beam angle that can be used in many remote applications. With a long lasting battery and compact portable design, it is simple and easy to operate.

One Color Pac 150N was set on each table as part of the centerpieces which added a great touch to the table and together illuminated the entire room.

“They were very impressive, bright, punchy and completely transformed the room,” said Guthrie. “The client was extremely happy and the Color Pacs really helped in blowing them away.”

Aside from the Color Pac 150N there were several panels that were used to highlight the clients content. The Bat and Phantom Panels were placed to project a wide screen at the center of the stage with two smaller screens on the left and right side. An additional screen was also placed at the opposite side of the room facing the center stage.

“Both the Phantom and Bat panels are very simple to assemble and have the quality to be able to be built and hold up,” said Guthrie.

Altogether the products used in this event enabled Di Tech AV to deliver a performance that left their clients satisfied.

“Without the products from MEGA, we wouldn’t have been able to produce events such as these,” said the owner of Di Tech AV.