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Dicolor LED Displays Showcase Content for Randy Rogers Band

By November 1, 2013LED, news

Mega Systems, Inc. Dicolor LED Displays were used by BP Lighting, Sound & Video for the Randy Rogers Band concert on October 25 and 26. The band performed at John T. Floore’s Country Store in Helotes, TX for their upcoming live CD and DVD titled “Homemade Tamales”.

Production Manager Marty Weir and Lighting Designer Josh Peikert created the design and overall concept for the show. They wanted 2 high resolution screens for the band to display band art work and enlarge the image of the live performance for the audience. BP Lighting recommended the Dicolor U6 LED Displays and the band’s production staff were happy they did. “The panels looked amazing!” said Weir, “I believe they took our production to the next level.”

A total of 40 Dicolor U6 LED Displays were set up in 5×4 configurations. BP Lighting was in charge of assembling the displays. The U Series of LED Displays do not require any tools to assemble, so they go up quickly. “I was very impressed by how easily BP Lighting assembled the panels.” Peikert observed, “And, they fit together seamlessly.”

The high quality of the Dicolor LED Displays impressed the production team. They are so happy with the product that the band is planning on using the U6 LED Displays for 10-12 shows next year.


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