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Dicolor Video Wall Set the Stage for St. Maarten Heineken Regatta Nightly Parties

By March 20, 2015news

Four days of sailboat racing followed by nightly parties filled with live music came to a crescendo when Kool & The Gang hit the stage. They brought the house down when they turned the 35th St. Maarten Heineken Regatta into a giant dance party. The act was backed by a brilliant LED wall upstage. The I-120D model of LED display panels manufactured by Dicolor were rented for this event from Sound Masters.

The video played a major role in accenting the performances of all the acts on stage. It was most important to the client that the crowd be able to get a crystal clear picture of the screen. Once they knew what the clients wanted, production company Sound Masters immediately decided that the 12.8mm pitch wall was perfect for this application. Sound Gear supplied 60 panels to create a large 21’ x 12.5’ rear video wall on the 50′ x 40′ stage.

As the Caribbean is noted for instantaneous rain showers, it was pertinent that the video wall that could withstand the elements. The panels’ IP 65 rating was crucial for the job since the shows were on the beach. “A huge problem with technology in the salt water encircled islands is that circuit boards and electrical connections corrode quickly.”, says Robin Charrasse, Lighting Designer at Sound Masters. “But, these panels have held up great to the challenging climate.” That’s reassuring to Julien ”Rouge” Charles, Owner at Sound Masters. The panels have been used on several shows already and his investment will continue to pay off with planned upcoming shows.

As the party started early in the Caribbean, brightness of the panels was key. Even in daylight, the panels stood out thanks to its DIP LED technology. Says Charrasse, “I am amazed by how bright the panels are!”

Load in of the event was quick and painless for the video team. The I-120D LED Display Panel quick locking latch system is designed to be safe and quick to install. Despite the size of the screen, production recalls a very fast set up and tear down.