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DiTech illuminates the Luminaria Art Festival with Mega Systems gear

By November 19, 2018news

Luminaria is a San Antonio TX annual arts organization that puts together a dynamic after-dark arts festival. The different artist comes together to display their unique pieces. This year Di-Tech A.V. was able to illuminate several artists and speakers, (including Mayor Ron Nirenberg) on the stage with several MEGA Systems Inc products.

Four FENIX Stage TRC-700 towers were used to lift up the lighting units as well as a video wall. The TRC series allows the towers to be installed by a single person, the simplicity of it allowed Di-Tech to set it up quickly. The incorporation of the robust double handle winch eases the installation and increases the safety level during the setup process. In addition, the TRC has the FSH System (FENIX Security Hook), which provides optimum safety in ground support towers. It has been developed and manufactured to provide security to the tower, both in its elevation, descent and during use, preventing the sleeve block from falling in case of cable failure and keeping the artists and speakers on stage as well as the audience completely safe.

“The FENIX towers were very easy to assemble,” said Di-Tech A.V. Owner Paul Guthrie. “They provided a stable and secure structure that went up and down very easily.”

Mounted onto the truss were several PR Lighting units, including eight XR 330 BWS, 12 XLED 3007 and four Blinder 360 units. Each of these products was used to create multiple effects for all of the events on and off the stage.

The XR 330 BWS were used to create bright beams that were visible from miles away. It created an attraction to the stage that allowed all of the attendees to become aware of the artists and speakers that were being presented. One of the units was also used to project a custom gobo onto the wall behind the stage that received a lot of attention. The XLED 3007 is a compact moving head that commands attention. Equipped with 7 20W RGBW LEDs, this unit produces a punchy beam for its size and created unique color effects at Luminaria. Its beam angle is adjustable from 7º to 42º, transforming from a beam to a wash that enabled it to be used in various ways when highlighting the stage. It also has individual pixel control that allowed it to create eye-catching effects. Alongside those units, several Blinder 360 units were used to create nice blinding, strobe and flood effects. It is powered by 360 x 1W white LEDs and can achieve staggering light levels with an unbelievable punch.

The SAWS tank was illuminated by baby colors that TMS lighting provided for the show. To add special effects to the lighting Di-Tech A.V. also used the MEGA-Lite H5 Hazer. It enhanced the appearance of the XR 330 BWS beams and added a unique effect to the rest of the lighting fixtures. It was able to create haze with long hang times and even particle dispersion. For further control, Di-Tech A.V used onboard control which gave access to more functionality including interval, duration, timer and fluid sensor settings via a digital display.

The lighting and hazers were controlled by the new Lumen8 Console. The Lumen8 platform, programming is both intuitive and powerful, which allowed Di-Tech A.V. to spend more time creating and less time having to learn complex commands. It is equipped with a 27” touch built-in touch screen and is built with top of the line components designed to be durable. Designed with an easy display, the lights and hazer were mirrored on the screen exactly as they were placed on the stage, which made the process easier to control.

With another successful production event, Di-Tech A.V was very satisfied with the Mega Systems Inc products that were used for the production of another successful Luminaria event.

“Luminaria is a really cool arts festival and we were able to provide a great show on the main stage with the flexibility of the MEGA products,” said Guthrie. “The fixtures were bright and looked great.”