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Enlighten and Bat Panels help in making Steward’s Productions event a memorable one.

By August 17, 2017news


Dallas, Texas-  Graduation is a memory that most will remember vividly for a very long time. Steward’s Productions helped in making that day memorable for several doctors from UT Southwestern by utilizing MEGA VIEW and Enlighten Stage Lighting Control

The ceremony took place at the Hall of State in Dallas, TX. On June 16, 2017, over 200 people including the graduates, were able to enjoy a wonderful event produced by Steward’s Productions, who used 14 BAT M1-391 panels by MEGA VIEW to create a 12ft wide x 7ft long video wall and the Enlighten Stage Lighting Control Software in order to control the panels.  

The BAT M1-391 Display Panel is a rugged, lightweight touring LED display panel. Each panel measures over 3 ft tall which makes it an excellent unit for assembling larger walls. The panel’s 3.91mm pitch and black face LEDs make for a high resolution and high contrast display. The wall was displayed on the overhead truss and set up in the corner of the room, which produced a better visual.

“The client wanted the video wall off to the side and loved the fact that it was bright and colorful with the lights on,” said the owner of Steward’s Productions, Brandon Steward. “It definitely brought the event to life.”

To further exceed the graduates and attendees experience, Steward used three universes from Enlighten Lighting Control Software. This is an easy to use system that creates buttons as looks or sequences giving the power and flexibility needed in this particular event.

With yet another successful event, Steward’s Productions will continue using the BAT M1-391 panels and Enlighten Lighting Control Software and continue to expand their ever growing company.