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Fashion Fest Gets an Edge with Dicolor LED Display Panels

By February 20, 2015news

Fashion shows are about setting trends and showcasing designers latest lines of clothing. The 23 annual Fashion Fest did just that, introducing autumn-winter 2014 fashions from brands like Aeropostale and Etam. Produced by Liverpool, Mexico’s largest mid-to-high department store, the event attracted the regions top celebrities and VIPs. Supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, who was a Victoria’s Secret angel, walked the runway and brought superstar status to the show. Azteca broadcasted the event and Aldo Lazcano, Executive Producer and Art Director for the Liverpool’s Fashion Fest 2014, was responsible for the design.

Lazcano worked in coordination with MALAK in Mexico City to design the stage and runway. He created a backdrop made of video wall panels to display content that responded to global fashion trends for the autumn-winter season. With a nearly 300 ft long runway, the screen needed to large to make an impact. MALAK came through by setting up over 250 of the U4BH LED Display panels by Dicolor. The 4mm pitch panels created a very large 47ft by 15ft backdrop that would create an environment inspired by the designers’ visions.

The most challenging aspect was the size of the video wall. “Its the largest wall we have set up with the U4BH Dicolor LED Display Panels,” says Monica Ruiz, Operations Manager of MALAK. “Though, even at that size, the panels made it easy to assemble .” Ruiz attributed the simple installation process largely to the panels smart design. Since the panels are thin, lightweight, and have a guided pin and locking latch, it makes the assembly less laborious than bulky, traditional panels.

MALAK provided the video content for the show that drew on inspiration from art, the cosmos and nature. The U4BH Dicolor video wall was a perfect medium for showcasing the vivid imagery of wild animals, geometric shapes and scenes from around the world. “I love how the content looks because of the panels’ rich black tones,” said Ruiz. “It’s my favorite feature of the product.”

In additon to creating stunning visuals in person, the video wall had to look great on film. Said Ruiz, “The high refresh model appears the same on TV as it does in real life.”

The encore of the night was a performance by Grammy nominated singer, songwriter Aleks Syntek. The runway was the perfect stage for a memorable close to an energetic show. It was a successful production and clients of Azteca and Liverpool were so pleased with the results.