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Timbiriche Features Several Mega products In Tour Juntos USA

By June 21, 2018news

First Born Productions used several products from Mega Systems Inc to help create a unique experience for the many fans of the Timbiriche group. The band has been one of the most iconic pop acts since the 80’s and with a couple of PR Lighting and MEGA-Lite lighting fixtures, MEGA VIEW Phantom Panels and RGBlink processors, Timbiriche was able to produce yet another astounding show.

To achieve colorful wash effects throughout the show, several MEGA-Lite Drama Strip P840 were placed on and off the stage. The Drama Strip P840 is a multi-directional strip fixture with pixel control. The unit’s innovative design and low profile make it an effective footlight for illuminating performers. It features an adjustable base that can be removed allowing for total control of the strip. In the upward facing position, the Drama Strip P840 serves as a beautiful linear strip for washing walls and curtains. Lighting Designer David Hernandez described the fixture as a powerful luminaire and was impressed with its multiple capabilities.

“It’s a luminaire that we used with two purposes, light effect and illumination coverage for a camera and in this specific concert it completely fulfilled the second purpose,” said Hernandez.  “Its warm light and great frost make it so that it can be used as a strip and a wash. The advantage of being able to use this fixture at different intensity scales achieves those effects that you are looking for so that the artist is always illuminated specifically for camera shots.”

Along with the MEGA-Lite fixture, various PR Lighting XR 1000 Spot and XLED 1061 fixtures were used to highlight the Timbiriche group on stage and create unique effects. Equipped with an OSRAM 1000W lamp, the XR 1000 Spot produces an intense light that is brighter than the traditional 1200W lamp. It features a wide zoom range from 9°~60° as well as rich colors, gobo effects and an animation effect.

“Using the XR 1000 Spot created a nice spot onto the stage even while using a large screen as a backdrop,” said Hernandez. “The power of the fixture covers the special effects that are programmed with spot, gobos, iris first and animation.”

The XLED 1061 is a powerful LED wash moving head that is equipped with 61 10W RGBW 4 in 1 LEDs. The color mixing of this unit is highlighted by animation effects, rainbow effects, and pulse strobe, which were ideal for the Timbiriche concert.

“This 1061 is perfectly suited to light up a full stage, its colors are bright and it is a fast and functional machine,” said Hernandez. “ Although the zoom could use some improvement, I would say without hesitation that it is a machine that can create a colorful ambiance and wash effect on any stage.”

In order to bring the content to life a large display of MEGA VIEW Phantom Panel 3.9 was used as the center backdrop and two separate displays of the Phantom Panel 6.9 were placed on the front left and right side of the stage. The Phantom Panel 3.9 is a vivid and clear LED Panel with a 3.9mm pitch. Being front serviceable, these panels make it easy to switch out or replace a module in seconds, making it as the ideal indoor installation panel. The Phantom Panel 5.9  is a vivid display with a 5.9mm pitch designed for outdoor production. Equipped with an aluminum casting located at the bottom of the panel, this panel has the protection and the features for indoor and outdoor productions.

The RGBlink Venus X1, Venus X3, and MSP 200PRO were used to display clear content and a correct sequence of different images and videos on the panels. The Venus X1 is a multiple outputs video processor that accepts a wide variety of video signals. It combines truly seamless fade in fade out, glitch-free switching with advanced scaling technologies to meet the requirements of high quality and high-resolution video presentations. The Venus X3 is an  AVMVP video wall controller. This  HDCP-compliant, scalable, expandable video wall processor is ideal for large video walls with up to 8 screens or more and provides a cards frame video wall control system with 6 slots and plug-in modules. Format and test pattern generation are just two of the many features of the MSP 200PRO. It allows onboard preview of an HDMI (or optionally SDI) source along with format inspection, waveform monitoring, and video monitoring capabilities. Popular test patterns can be easily selected with motion or without, and time code can be generated and displayed allowing inspection frame delay.

With a crowd of over 1000 attendees, First Born Productions was able to illuminate the stage and create unique effects that highlighted the members of the Timbiriche group with MEGA-LITE, MEGA VIEW, PR Lighting and RGBlink products.   

“The results of this tour have been really great, the contrast of colors between the different products have been perfect,” said Hernandez. “MEGA-LITE is a good company that has the support and good products. I know that MEGA-LITE will have a larger presence in Mexico and very soon it will be a brand that we will first think to use when designing a concert.”