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MEGA-Lite Brings Light to Hope Church in Spartanburg

By May 1, 2018news

AE Global installed more than 76 ETL listed Nova Lite Q200 units at the Hope Church in Spartanburg. With the help of Creative Arts Director at Hope Church Jacob Seay and Church Account Manager Bill Wells, the church will be offering a luminous and scintillating environment to its members.
Bill Wells was impressed with the quality of the light and highly acknowledged the even projection it displays. The Nova-Lite Q200 is a powerful color changing LED fixture with extremely wide coverage. Equipped with a 200W single source RGBW LED this fixture projects a smooth and even output.
“Although these lights are at a great competitive price, I was very impressed by its brightness and even long throw,” said Wells. “Even mounted at 15ft, they offer a high-quality spectrum.”
The Nova Lite Q200 has a 55º reflector beam angle and ships with a 30º and 15º lens for longer throw applications. It can also be further customized with a 60º diffuser accessory meant for softening the edge of the output.
Installed in three different rooms of the church, Jacob Seay described how the Nova Lites are able to create a different atmosphere for each room.
“At Hope Church, we really like the functionality of the Nova Light from Mega Systems,” said Seay. “The RGBW LEDs allow us to create a comfortable, intimate atmosphere for our congregation to engage in Worship. We also like the fact that we have the ability to create a completely different vibe in the room for each segment of our service.”
Although it is a compact fixture, the Nova Lite Q200 offers a potent, vibrant, color changing LED. With a COB LED that can produce Red, Green, Blue and White it gives a wide array of color choices that become highly useful when creating different color sequences.
“I am a huge believer in color theory. I believe that certain colors can affect the way we feel,” said Seay. “With the Nova Lights, I’m able to create just about any color that I can imagine.”
The unit is perfect for house light applications because it comes with a hanging adapter designed to fit a 1/2 in all-thread or steel cable. It has 5 modes of operation and up to 8 channels including Dimmer, Red, Green, Blue, White, Strobe, Macro and Dim Speed. Aside from its various capabilities, Wells also enjoys its high-quality long-lasting design.
“There are a couple of Novas that have been installed for longer than a year,” said Wells. “They still produce the same high-quality performance needed and I am overall pleased with them. I am very satisfied with MEGA-Lite and even looking at adding a couple of new fixtures for spotting.”