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InfoComm 2015 Recap

By June 24, 2015tradeshows & events

Mega Systems, Inc. displayed a grand booth at InfoComm 2015 in Orlando, Florida on June 17-19. They showcased new, cutting edge Mega-Lite and PR Lighting products in booths 4447 and 4547. Mega-lite exhibited along side Dicolor in booth 4543 and RGBlink in booth 4443, making for a spectacular display of video and control solutions. Plus Truss, whom Mega Systems, Inc. is now the exclusive distributor, provided the booth structure to rig the video and lighting.


Featured Products

IMG_4512 2

Mega-Lite Robo Baby
The Robo Baby is a compact automated fixture housing 7 8-watt LEDs. Inspired from the widely popular Baby Color, the Robo Baby adds movement to its list of capabilities. This moving head wash fixture has a 25º lenses and RGBW LEDs, producing a bold wash with wide range of color mixing. Its low profile makes it perfect for stages with low ceilings and limited sace. The unit is controlled via DMX 512 and has channels for color mixing, dimmer, macro and strobe. It has a digital display for easy on board operation. The Robo Baby is built with 3-pin DMX in and out connections and powerCON.

Mega-Lite Drama FS-LED 700
IMG_0176 2The Drama FS-LED 700 is an extremely powerful follow LED spot fixture with a single source 350-W LED, producing outputs comparable to a 700-watt lamp or brighter. Faders and buttons are located directly on the back of the fixture to control the unit’s features. A color flagging system is used to produce a white, red, green, yellow, blue and orange spot light. The Drama FS-LED 700 also features a CTO, used both for adjusting color temperature and the color hue of each primary and secondary color. The diameter of the spot can be easily adjusted with the unit’s built in iris, great for long throw highlighting of small objects on stage. The Drama FS-LED 700 has a fader for controlling the smooth dimmer. A strobe fader controls the random and variable strobing of the LED for fantastic effects . The unit is compact, allowing for easy transport and use in cramped spaces. The Drama FS-LED 700 comes with a powerCON connection and cord for powering the unit.

IMG_4382 5Dicolor BAT M1-391
The BAT M1-391 is a rugged, lightweight touring LED display panel. Measuring over 3 ft tall per panel, this panel is an excellent value for assembling larger walls. The panel’s 3.91mm pitch and black face LEDs make for a high resolution, high contrast display. Each panel weighs just over 25 lbs and can be handled with onehand. No tools are required to assemble the panel with the units built-in locking latches. The BAT M1-391 has a metal casing on the bottom of the panel that keeps the module from making contact with the ground. This feature better protects the LEDs during assembly and disassembly. When it comes time to maintenance this panel, it’s easy. The back cover easily detaches so IC, capacitors and resistors can be maintained. With so many benefits, the BAT M1-391 is an all-around excellent choice production and rental applications.VENUS X1-S_Product Picture_EN_V1.0_20141210 copy

RGBlink Venus X1
VENUS X1 is a scalable, expandable, standard 1U-size video wall processor for performances and presentations. It is configurable to support 7 inputs and 3 outputs, and three of them are variable and extendable input interfaces. Users can control the VENUS X1 with both local front button panel and PC software.

PR Lighting XLED Series
The XRLED Series by PR Lighting has a LED moving head fixture for every size stage. The XRLED 300 Spot, XRLED 300-700500 Spot and XRLED 700 Spot were showcased in the booth. The XRLED 300 Spot has a 150-watt white LED and is equipped with a color wheel and adjustable Beam Angle. The XLRED 500 Spot boasts a 280-Watt RGBW LED, adjustable color temerature and adjustable beam angle. And the XRLED 700 Spot has a powerful 320-watt white LED, color wheel and adjustable beam angle.


IMG_0398 2Show Highlights

Mega-Lite on InfoComm Show Daily Front Cover
Did you see the InfoComm Show Daily on day 3 of the show? The cover featured our very own Julia Garcia, Inside Sales Assistant and the Indi Par RW300, our battery powered LED fixture. Thank you to InfoComm for this honor!


Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 10.07.21 AM copyBehind the Scenes Video
Check out this behind the scene video
of the MEGA TEAM setting up for the show!


BAT M1-391 Named One of Top Nine Products at InfoComm 2015
Worship Facilities named the BAT-M1-391 one of the top nine products at this years show.
Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 11.19.32 AM copyThank you Worship Facilities for the recognition!


Thanks for a Great Show!

We would like to thank everyone that visited with us at our booth to learn about our product offerings. Mega Systems, Inc. is excited to provide its customers with solutions that meet their needs. Please contact sales@megasystemsinc.com to talk to one of our sales representatives about any of the products you saw at the show.