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Lets Dance 2017 PR Lighting

By June 21, 2017news



Germany,- At the grandiose anniversary of Let’s Dance in 2017, lighting designer David Kreilemann put special emphasis on the Phantom 440 BWS from PR Lighting. 

“The powerful hybrid lamp impresses with an efficient sharp projection in both the spot and the beam. Even with slow rotations of the gobos and prisms, there is no jerks, which is now no longer self-evident.,” said Kreilemann. 

Phantom 440 BWS

“However, the two prisms, which can be rotated and rotated with respect to one another, are absolutely brilliant on the Phantom 440 BWS. In this way, unprecedented and breathtaking effect pictures are produced. Due to the enormous brightness of the illuminant, it is possible, for example with two prisms, with or without gobos, to produce fantastic beam effects in a really strong zoom range. I am looking forward to working with this lamp in future shows.

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