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Mega Church Delivers Message in a Whole New Way

By June 15, 2015news

Growth is one of the best outcomes a church can have, but it also raises challenges when your worship facility becomes too small. That’s what happened to Bonita Valley Community Church, whose thriving congregation created the need for a brand new building.

Opening last fall, Bonita Valley Community Church is now one of the largest churches in the South Bay area, with an auditorium that seats 1,400. The church hired church architect Building God’s Way (BGW) and it’s local construction partner, Erickson-Hall Construction, to design and build the new facility. Then, they transformed the space with video and lighting gear from Mega-Lite, Dicolor, Enlighten and RGBLink.

The church leaders at Bonita Valley Community Church consulted BGW to do the design. “From worship services to events, there were a lot of different things we wanted to do with the space,” Says Worship Director Gabe Terrado. “So, the design needed to be as flexible as possible.” Identifying that the church was wanting the ability to go from a concert feel to a theatrical look, BGW came up with a creative solution. They decided that a motorized truss system would best fulfill their need.

The motors allow the truss systems to hang at different heights. To create a theatrical look, it’s lowered to hang about 16’ above the stage. A curtain is added and the truss serves as a lighting grid. Then, during praise and worship, the truss system is raised to a high position and illuminated with 80 Baby Color Q-70 fixtures.

Jim Martin, Technology Director for BGW, chose the Baby Color Q-70 fixtures by Mega-Lite for their compact size and powerful illumination. Says Martin, “The units easily fit into the truss system and provide outstanding output relative to the units’ compact size.” Another benefit Martin liked was the unit’s outstanding value. “Considering the number of fixtures needed to light up the entire truss system, the affordability of the unit was an added bonus,” said Martin.

The rest of the lighting rig is comprised of LED par, ellipsoidal and moving head fixtures, all from Mega-Lite. 40 EvriColor Tri-RGB lighting fixtures with 15º lenses provide the downlighting. This award winning fixture color washes the stage to create mood. Then, 16 Drama LED W fixtures with 19º lenses are installed on the front of house truss. They provide the main front lighting for the sanctuary. Lighting effects including movement, texture and design enhanced the overall look with 20 Axis 7D5 moving head fixtures.

The LED fixtures have multiple channels with a larger feature set than traditional units. To control all those channels, a lighting control software that simplifies the process was necessary. BGW integrated the Enlighten ONE Console to control the lighting fixtures. The churches Technology Director Richie VanBuren programs the shows and then church volunteers operate the playback. “Having a system that is truly volunteer friendly, yet powerful enough to achieve the looks we have in mind has been a huge benefit,”  says VanBuren. “Enlighten offers the best of both worlds; it’s feature-full and easy to use.”

Video also played a key role in the design of the new space. BGW chose the U6BH LED Display panels by Dicolor to create 3 16 x 9 video walls, installed on the back wall of the stage. The video panels display lyrics while the worship band plays. The video panels are also used for IMAG, which is beneficial for stage visibility in a 1,400 seat auditorium. RGBLink processors were integrated with existing switchers to control the video content.

The U6BH LED Display panels have a high contrast, high refresh and high resolution display, all features that stood out to BGW. “The Dicolor LED Display panels had all the feature sets we were looking for to make an impact in the space,” says Terrado. “Most importantly, we knew it was a reliable product and fit well within our budget.”

The reliability continued into the area of service and support. “We are really thankful to Mega Systems,” says Martin. “They really go above and beyond on service and support.”

The new video and lighting system is a huge upgrade from what they started with. Now, they are delivering the word on a whole new level.“Ultimately, our goal is to bring the message of Jesus Christ, “ says Terrado. “Our new AVL system is helping us to do that, in a new way that wasn’t possible before.” And, its making a huge impact on the congregation’s worship experience, whose response has been outstanding. “Seeing our members’ faces when they walk in the worship center, you can tell they’re blown away.” says VanBuren. “That’s the best part.”