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Mega-Lite, Dicolor & PR Lighting Gear at SubFocus Show

By March 1, 2014LED, news

SubFocus recently performed at Republic Live in Austin, Texas, utilizing gear from Mega-Lite, PR Lighting and Dicolor. The show was a part of the North American TORUS Tour with Special Guest Delta Heavy. Erik Johnson, Owner of Colorwave Lighting did the production for the show, providing the lighting and video gear, and worked alongside LD Matt Jonezy Jones.

Johnson wanted to add a good mix of fixtures, so he set up 14 PR 336’s and 4 XL 300’s by PR Lighting to provide wash and beam lighting. Seven Mega-Lite N-E Color FX9 fixtures provided eye-candy effects with pixel control and strobe. “These fixtures from Mega-Lite and PR Lighting are so bright that they make a huge impact on stage,” said Johnson.

For displaying video content, Johnson set up 12 U4 LED Display Panels from Dicolor and the DJ’s tour team ran the video content. Johnson added the U4 LED Display panels to his inventory of gear because of their brightness, high resolution and ease of set up. “These panels looked amazing,” said Johson, “Everyone was impressed by them.”
Together the lighting and video products created a remarkable look on stage for the SubFocus show.

Photo credits – KYLIE ALYSSA and CALEY GOFF

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