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MEGA-Lite Fixtures Light up Tucanes de Tijuana

By September 18, 2018news

LDGS Lighting provided several of the new MEGA-Lite Circa Scoop LED and Baby Color Q70 units for the “Tucanes de Tijuana y Sus Amigos” show at “The Forum” in Inglewood, CA. The concert also featured internet sensation “Cornelio Vega Jr” whose videos have more than 100 million views as well as “Marco Flores Y La Jerez” a well-known band that originated in Zacatecas and since then has become one of the top bands in the industry. To create unique effects that highlighted the different artists from above, Armando Gallardo, owner of LDGS Lighting provided several Circa Scoop LED units that were placed above the video wall and rigged onto the circle truss above the stage.

“So far playing with the Circa and the different effects it has, I realized that it provided an interesting twist for the setup and a different visual than what people are used to,” said Gallardo.   

The new and unique Circa Scoop LED is a next-level unit designed with four different elements, it features a variety of technological components that added a one of a kind look to each of the different artists on stage. The Circa features 336 RGB LEDs in the inner and outer ring as well as 45 WW and Amber LEDs in the unit’s center engine and 87 WW LEDs in the reflective pattern ring. At the concert, it was used to produce multiple color combinations and create authentic dazzling eye-candy effects that illuminated the performers from above.

Among the Circas, several compact Baby Color Q70 fixtures were used to highlight the performers on the stage. With less than a 5” square body, the Baby Color Q70 is a bright color changing fixture that is equipped with seven 10W LEDs whose output contends with the output of larger fixtures. The RGBW quad-chip LEDs produce a wide arrange of colors, including pastel shades that created unique color combinations used for the performances.

“The crowd overall had a good time during the concert, they were singing and dancing,” said Armando.  “They would also occasionally get excited when there would be a drastic change of lights that would go to the beat of the music.”

These MEGA-Lite products were used among several other fixtures that helped in the creation of a show that amazed over 6,000 attendees. With the ability to create different effects, all of the MEGA-Lite fixtures worked together to ensure that each performance was uniquely highlighted.

“Overall the show was a huge success and had a positive reaction with the audience,” said Gallardo. “As always MEGA-Lite products delivered and assisted us in provide an amazing show.”