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Mega-Lite Introduces the New Drama Profile Series

By April 2, 2018news

HELOTES, Texas- MEGA-Lite introduces the NEW Drama Profile series which includes six High-CRI, professional, ETL theatrical fixtures. Among the series are two 300W high-output Dramas and two 120W Dramas that come with the option of a Cool White or Warm White LED. The series also includes a Variable White and an RGBW Drama, making it ideal for theatrical and professional production. 

These powerful ellipsoidal fixtures have the ability to create a beautiful even flat field and have a great gobo projection. The series has the option of a 19º, 26º, 36º and 50º lens barrel that can create versatile, flat, soft, diffused edges, perfect for theater use. The High CRI gives each fixture radiant color rendering capabilities. Each Drama offers its own unique high-performance with a consistent optical brilliance. 

The Drama Profile C1 and W1 both have a 120W white LED. The C1 projects a cool color temperature of 6800K and gives the illusion of natural daylight. The W1 offers a warm color temperature that can add a softer touch to any application. 

Equipped with a high-output 250W LED, the Drama Profile VW2 consists of a variable white LED which allows you to have tunable white projection within one fixture. With this capability, you can add various shades of white to your specific scene and can go from a bright, cool setting to a smooth, warm set. 

The Drama Profile Q2 is also equipped with a 250W LED. The Q2 is an RGBW profile that can mix an infinite amount of colors, eliminating the need for gel replacements and offering nice cool shades. Great for smooth color mixing, the Q2 also offers a superior shade of white, making it an ideal fixture for multiple applications. 

With a POWERFUL 300W LED the Drama Profile C3 and W3 can create an extremely luminous and long-lasting spotlight. With such a potent, bright and impressive LED, these Dramas have a longer output, excellent for a longer throw projection. The C3 features a high-powered cool white LED that can give a natural daylight effect to an entire stage. With a warmer but just as bright effect, the W3 offers a powerful warm white that can set the perfect soft tone for your scenery. 

Every fixture in this series will be available in white and black housing. With a variety of options to choose from, each unit is designed to fit every one of your production or theatrical needs.