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Mega-Lite Lights Up IVY Rooftop

By May 1, 2012LED, news

IVY Rooftop is a premier lounge and dance club in San Antonio. Implied by the club’s name, IVY Rooftop has a natural feel, using greenery and branches throughout the design, while retaining a club atmosphere with movers and washes. For the lighting design, IVY Rooftop called on Color Wave Light & Laser. Together Erik Johnson and Jim Nealy used Mega-Lite to achieve the lighting for the space.
The club consists largely of a dance floor, which leads up to the bar and an adjacent outdoor lounge area. Four Mega-Lite N-E Color Washes illuminate the floor with color and strobe effects. Six Mega-Lite Axis LED Spots shine moving beams and project gobos through the space. And, Bright Stripe fixtures line the top of the DJ Booth.
The club plays a variety of music, but is becoming well known for their dubstep nights and the Mega-Lite fixtures suit their needs. The movers are great for when they play dance music and the strobe effects of the N-E Color Washes work perfectly for dubstep.
The fixtures are installed on a semi permanent basis. The rig is built modularly, allowing the adding and removing of fixtures. Says Erik Johnson, “It’s an artistic and application friendly based approach that works great for the client. “ Whenever the club has a large headliner, the rig enables them to easily add more fixtures to suit the show.
IVY Rooftop is one of 3 bars in its location to use Mega-Lite. The products are proving to be a standard for entertainment lighting in the area.

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