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MEGA-Lite Lights Up the Stage for Grupo Vision

By March 7, 2018news

AUSTIN, Texas- Grupo Vision recently had an outstanding performance in which Group Manager Jesse Medina helped brighten their stage by purchasing several fixtures from Mega Systems Inc.

The concert was held February 16 at the Coliseum in Austin, TX where over 300 people were able to experience a concert produced by Grupo Vision’s team. They used six Axis Grid, six Spotbot™ LED CYM 300 and six XS LED Strobe RGB fixtures by MEGA-Lite as well as the Lumen8 Surface to control the lights and an H1 Hazer to create special effects.

Grupo Vision Lighting Designer Victor Villareal had the opportunity to work with the NEW Spotbot™ LED CYM 300 and was amazed by the variety of effects the light had to offer. When comparing it to other similar fixtures, Villareal appreciated the different options the fixture has. The Spotbot is the newest versatile LED fixture that is affordable and multi-purpose. Equipped with a powerful 300W LED Engine it can produce a bright and powerful even projection. The smooth CYM color mixing allows for multiple color combinations and it offers a unique set of added colors.

“The Spotbot™ is a really great fixture,” said Villareal. “For it being one single light, it actually gives us a great variety of options for its use, it is spectacular.”

Another Lighting Designer Xavier Diaz was also impressed by the effects and quick response the Spotbot™ had to offer along with its design and performance.

“Unlike other LED machines, the Spotbot™ does not opaque when placed with 7R machines,” said Diaz. “I really liked its high-performance when mixing gobos, prism bicolor and the zooming capability. The CYM is quick to make the color changes and has excellent response. With just six of these fixtures you can light up an entire arena.”

Aside from the Spotbot™, the six Axis Grid were able to add to the creativity of the light show designs that brightened the stage for Grupo Vision.

The Axis Grid is an eye-candy fixture with infinite pan and tilt. With 36 LED’s arranged in a grid, they are capable of pixel control for displaying letters, numbers and shapes. The unit’s 10W RGBW LED’s create a colorful and punchy beam.

“The Axis Grid is an excellent lamp that offers great mobility,” said Villareal. “Not only that but it also has a stunning brightness.”

To add more vision to the stage, Grupo Vision also used six of the XS LED Strobe RGB. This compact fixture is an immensely bright and versatile fixture that is equipped with a total of 324 RGB SMD LED’s. With a wide 140º LED angle, the unit can operate as a wash or strobe and can even be lined up together in a matrix to create chases and other eye-catching effects.

“I really like the XS LED Strobe RGB because of their size,” said Victor. “It is incredible the luminosity that these small fixtures are able to project.” 

All of the fixtures came together with the final look of the H1 Hazer effect. This is a compact yet powerful hazer that is able to create haze with long hang times and even particle dispersion. At full intensity, it can quickly fill up space with haze at 9,000 cubic feet per minute and can be ready to use within one minute of it warming up, which secured the set would be ready to go when Grupo Vision stepped onto the stage.

“The H1 Hazer is a very powerful piece of equipment in which I counted 18 seconds and my stage was already perfectly covered in haze,” said Diaz. “Its ease of control also allowed me to be able to control when and how to use it.”

With yet another successful concert managed by Jesse Medina and the help of lighting designer Xavier Diaz and Grupo Vision’s LD Victor Villareal, Grupo Vision will continue to tour with MEGA-Lite gear lighting up their stage one show at a time.

“We’re very satisfied with every single one of the MEGA-Lite products and are very excited to be part of the MEGA-Lite family,” said Manager Jesse Medina. “The service to the clients is excellent, it is a great company overall and I will recommend MEGA-Lite to anyone in our business.”