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MEGA-Lite Spotbot™ and Baby Color Fixtures Illuminate Gala Dinner

By July 16, 2018news

June 1, 2018 Valle Bibb Fundacion A.C. held the “Stand By Me III” event at the Antigo Cine Bujazan theater. LDGS Lighting rented MEGA-Lite products to Martell Productions who illuminated the event with six Spotbot™ and 24 Baby Color Q70 fixtures.

Valle Bibb is a foundation dedicated to giving resources such as education, health, and welfare to those in need. With the assistance of LDGS Lighting for providing the gear, Martell Productions enabled the “Stand By Me III” event to attract a crowd of more than 450 people. With the use of the unique features the Spotbot™ has to offer, they were able to create a one of a kind visual experience.

The Spotbot™ is a new versatile LED fixture that is equipped with a powerful 300W LED engine that can produce a bright and even projection. It has two glass gobo wheels that provide high-level projected imagery and can generate complex looks such as the ones at the “Stand By Me” event. The 10 fixed and 7 rotating gobos allow you to morph between them using the focus and zoom. The smooth CYM color mixing allows for multiple color combinations and offers a unique set of added colors that reside on the back end of the CY

M color flags. The Spotbot™ LED CYM 300 is a multi-purpose lamp that can be used in large or small venues for concerts, clubs or theater events such as this one. 

“The attendees were very impressed with the outcome, the lights formed a very different elegant way of lighting up,” said Owner of LDGS Lighting Armando Gallardo. “They thought it was marvelous, the way the Spotbots illuminated the “Cine Bujazan” and created a unique illusion transforming it into a different environment.”

To further transform the theater, LDGS Lighting also provided Martell Productions with 24 Baby Color Q70 fixtures that were placed around the venue. The Baby Color Q70 is a compact bright color changing fixture. Equipped with 7 10W LEDs and less than a 5″ square body, the output of the Baby Color Q70 contends with the output of much larger fixtures. The RGBW quad-chip LEDs produce a wide range of colors, including pastel shades, which were ideal for the elegant atmosphere that Martell Productions was successful in creating. The fixture has a 20° beam angle and comes with a diffuser that increases the beam angle to 25°. Among several other features, the Baby Color Q70 has a double mounting yoke so it can to be set up on the floor or hang from a structure, making it accessible to be used in a variety of places.

Having used MEGA products for 10 years, Gallardo ensured to rent out products that he has continued to believe in.

“Mega Systems Inc is a strong company with amazing products and great quality,” said Gallardo. “ I have used MEGA products for about 10 years and all have been with great quality and they have provided me with great service. The products have been great to work with and MEGA has demonstrated that they’re a great partner to work with.”