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MEGA Sponsors Main Stage at USITT 2018

By April 5, 2018news

As proud sponsors of the Fort Lauderdale USITT main stage, Mega Sytems Inc provided lights from PR Lighting and Mega-Lite that were controlled by the Lumen8 Console as well as Mega View panels that displayed different visuals that were programmed with RGBlink video processors. The products came together to enliven the events that were held on and off the stage.
Since the weather conditions were unpredictable, MEGA used three different PR Lighting IP rated units, two of the Aqua 350 Beam, Aqua LED 600 and Hydra 440 Beam were placed on the ground outside of the front of the stage to project long bright beams and add a more visual effect to the stage. The Aqua 350 Beam and Hydra 440 Beam were used for projecting light onto the crowd and highlight certain sections when required. A few other separate Hydra 440 units were also placed on the actual stage and used as spotlights. With the powerful Aqua LED 600, a potent 600W LED was projected onto the sky and could be seen miles away, adding more attraction to the venue. Together the units were able to add a distinct, optical look to the front of the stage.
Along with the PR Lighting, IP rated units, several of the XLED 3007 and XLED 4022RZ were used on the stage to highlight the performers and guest speakers. Due to their mobile and compact sizing, the XLED 3007 were placed at the front of the stage. These moving heads are equipped with seven 20W RGBW LED’s that produced a punchy beam. With individual pixel control, the units were used to create eye-catching effects that projected onto the crowd and the individuals on the stage. The XLED 4022 RZ is a high-performance wash, beam and effect moving-head light that is equipped with 22 40W OSRAM RGBW LED’s. The units were used to create illumination and color mixing from within the stage. When used in wash mode, the beams came together to create a nice luminous wash with an even distribution of colorful lights. Its countless vortex effects for aerial or kaleidoscopic projection created unique visuals to highlight the performers.
To complement the PR Lighting fixtures, numerous MEGA-Lite units that included several of the Nova Q200, Drama 120W, iCandy Q18, Piccolo Blinder 120 and the H1 Hazer were also used. The Nova Q200 is a compelling color changing LED fixture with an extremely wide coverage. When combined with the Drama 120W that provides superior color rendering and beam quality, the fixtures created an effect that allowed the stage to immediately illuminate and fill with smooth, bright, color changing looks. The Piccolo Blinders were set at the highest part of the stage to add a unique strobe effect. Because of its IP rating and compact size, they were also placed onto all of the video walls. With its sleek and modern IP65 design, the iCandy fixtures were used to highlight the two main video walls that were located on each side of the stage. All of the PR Lighting and MEGA-Lite units were enhanced by adding the H1 Hazer that brought their appearance and effects to life. Controlled by the Lumen8 Console, the lights came together to create different visuals that complimented everyone on and off the stage.

“I had the pleasure of programming with the Lumen8 at the 2018 USITT New Product showcase. It was my first time using the console. Though the Lumen8 is still very much under development, I can’t help but commend the folks working on it. As someone who is more accustomed to busking on a hog, I found the Lumen8 to be incredibly intuitive,” said Programmer Jesse Scott. “The large touch interface allows for easy selection of groups or instruments to quickly add color, gobos, or effects. The effects engine too is wonderfully simplistic. Making beautiful and complex color chases is a snap (the circular honeycomb shaped lights come to mind). That said, I honestly can’t wait to get my hands on this capable machine again. It’s easy to pick up, and thanks to the giant bank of buttons and faders, I kept finding ways to make my workflow that much more efficient while using it.”
Four video walls made up of Mega View Phantom Panel 5.9 helped illuminate and add a more graphic aspect to the outside area. These panels have a vivid display with a 5.9mm pitch and with an IP65 rating they are designed for outdoor production. The two main video walls that were located by the stage measured 18 by 9 feet (WXH) and displayed content that was visible from any angle of the venue. Two smaller video walls 9 by 6 feet (WXH) were displayed halfway between the main stage and back of the venue, adding an all-around visual to the entire site. The video walls were programmed with two Venus X1 and two VSP 628PRO. The Venus X1 is a multiple outputs video processor that accepts a wide variety of video signals. It combines true seamless fade-in, fade-out, glitch-free switching to meet the requirements of high-quality video presentations such as the ones at USITT. The VSP 628PRO is an advanced high-performance all-in-one video scaler, scan converter, switcher and transcoder that is able to convert any input signal format to any output format. It is one of the most advanced and flexible forms of signal, which made it a suitable solution for the USITT Show. The video walls ensured that every event held on and off the stage was visible to everyone.

Aside from just sponsoring the outside stage, Mega Systems Inc worked directly with several young professionals who received hands-on experience before, during and after setup with all of the gear that was provided. This allowed the entire USITT show to come together in a smooth and timely manner, making it a huge success for both.

“We were fortunate to have MEGA’s support, in both equipment and personnel. The opportunity, for example, to have the developer of a lighting console directly interacting with the young professionals using it to design and program is an incredible learning opportunity that directly reflects our organizations mission,” said USITT Production Manager Erich Bolton  “In addition, having access to such a tremendous amount of lighting and video gear specifically designed for outdoor use all from one vendor was key to the success of the event and the short loading window.”