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Mega Systems and Global Productions brighten up the stage at Grupo Siggno Concert

By September 22, 2017news

San Antonio, Texas- Grupo Siggno recently had an outstanding performance. Global Productions, owned by Adrian Gallegos and Daniel Martinez, helped brighten their stage by utilizing several fixtures from Mega Systems Inc.

The event took place at the Cowboys Dance Hall in San Antonio, TX. on September 14th, 2017, where over 4000 people enjoyed the concert produced by Global Productions who among the XLED 3007, Axis Grid and Axis Beam 7R fixtures by MEGA-Lite also used four XLED 4022RZ  and four Phantom 440 by PR Lighting, as well as three new XBAR LED RGB Strobe and four Drama FS-LED 700 by MEGA-Lite.

Global Productions and Grupo Siggno’s Lighting Designer David Luis Rosas was amazed by the XLED 4022RZ that is equipped with a beam angle zoom range of 4.7° to 60° which can create illumination and color mixing in both near and far distances. When used in wash mode, the beams come together to create a luminous wash with an even distribution of colorful lights and contains countless effects.

“The power of the LEDs in the XLED 4022RZ is incredible,” said Rosas. “The zoom and focus can make a different look and the vortex kaleidoscopic effect looked like crystal diamonds rotating as a prism. When used during the show, I had to point the fixtures upwards because it would overpower the smaller LEDs on stage.”

Aside from the XLED 4022RZ, the Phantom 440 was able to add to the creativity of Rosa’s light show.

“The Phantom 440 BWS is an amazing light,” said Rosas. “What I liked about it was the ability to control the 0° to 2.8° beam angle in beam mode, 5° to 60° in spot mode and 5° to 68° in wash mode during the show. It has a prism wheel with an eight-facet prism, which is impressive because not many carry that feature. To top it off it has 18 fixed gobos to choose from and that helps create better looks on your shows.”

To further exceed the crowds experience Global Productions used the XBAR LED RGB Strobe. This brand new RGB color strip by MEGA-Lite consists of 144 LEDs and is capable of both a strobe and wash effect. This unit is equipped with segment control, allowing a variety of random strobe or color strobe effects. It is equipped with a thermal protection that keeps the light from overheating when used to its full potential in wash mode. 

Aside from strobe lighting, four Drama FS-LED 700 were also provided by MEGA-Lite. The Drama FS-LED 700 is an extremely powerful follow spot LED fixture. The unit has a color wheel that produces a red, green, yellow, blue, orange and white spotlight and features a CTO wheel used both for adjusting color temperature and the color hue of each primary and secondary color. It is equipped with a fader that controls the smooth dimmer and a strobe fader that controls the random and variable strobing of the LED for fantastic effects. The diameter of the spotlight can be easily adjusted with the unit’s built-in iris which ensured Grupo Siggno would literally always be under the spotlight.

With yet another successful concert, Global Productions will continue to tour with Grupo Siggno. Mega Systems Inc. fixtures will remain a part of their show and continue to light up the stage for this Grammy Award for Best Norteño Album and Latin Grammy Award for Best Tejano Album group.