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Mega Systems creates a luminous show at WFX

By October 27, 2017news

Dallas, Texas-AE Global Media Inc recently created a scintillating environment at the WFX Conference and Expo. With the help of several Mega Systems Inc equipment, AE Global Media was able to transform a room into the perfect atmosphere for the audience.

The Keynote room at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas, TX was redesigned to highlight a stage and the audience that would be attending. Among the products used to transform the room were several fixtures by MEGA-lite including the Piccolo Blinder, XBAR LED RGB Strobe , XL LED Strobe RGB, XS LED Strobe RGB, Nova-Lite Q200, Nova-Lite WW150, Drama Strip P840 and the Color Pac 150 N. The MEGA-Lite fixtures were beautifully paired with several Phantom 440, XLED 4022RZ and XLED 3007 from PR Lighting all which were controlled by the Lumen8 Surface. To complete the room the Phantom Panel 3.9 from Mega View were used to create a wide middle screen with four separate trees which were partly controlled by the RGBlink Venus X1 Pro.

Di Tech AV Lighting Designer Dan Brunson was amazed by the performance of several of the fixtures but highly acknowledged the impact the Nova-Lite WW 150 had on the room. This unit is ETL listed and is equipped with a 150-watt single-source WW LED. It has a 55-degree reflector beam angle but can be shipped with a 30-degree and 15-degree lens for longer throw applications. It has 3 modes of operation and up to 3 channels including dimmer, strobe and dimmer speed.

“The Nova-Lite had great coverage of the entire room and worked perfectly with the cameras that were being used,” said Brunson. “With only seven of them, we were able to cover the whole crowd while only using them at 50 percent of their capability with a 15-degree lens, the explosion of colors it gave and the way they were able to wash the entire stage was incredible.”

While operating the lights, Brunson also became impressed with the XLED 4022RZ and Phantom 440. The XLED 4022RZ is equipped with a beam angle zoom range of 4.7° to 60° which can create illumination and color mixing in both near and far distances. When used in wash mode, the beams come together to create a nice luminous wash with an even distribution of colorful lights and contains countless effects. The Phantom 440 is an all-purpose unit with one fixed gobo wheel with 18 fixed gobos and one rotating gobo wheel with seven rotating gobos. It also consists of a prism wheel with eight-facet prisms and five-facet array prisms.

“The XLED 4022RZ was great wash light for the band and had amazing effects,” said Brunson. “The Phantom 440 a multitude of animations and cut through the haze very well, I thought it was a beautiful beam and it was very user-friendly, which is something that I can say about all of the MEGA Systems fixtures.”

Although the lighting was a crucial part of the concept, AE Global Media Inc Design Engineer Paul Drenth who played a major role at WFX also expressed his appreciation of the Phantom Panel 3.9.

“This year’s production for the Keynote ballroom was bigger than ever…” said Drenth. “MEGA Systems teamed with AE Global Media Inc to develop a lighting design to ensure a great broadcast wash for the live 4K video IMAG, as well as a versatile and flexible lighting and video wall system for concert and production visual effects. The LED video walls looked amazing both in person and on video and really helped set the mood for the various events held in this room. It was awesome to work with MEGA on this project. Their attitude and teamwork were outstanding; they went above and beyond in every way.”