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Mega Systems, Inc. Displayed Big at InfoComm 2016 in Las Vegas

By June 13, 2016news


Mega Systems, Inc. had a great InfoComm this year in Las Vegas, displaying a ton of new gear in 6 booths!

In booth C4056, Mega-Lite showcased their new par, strobe and ellipsoidal offerings with the Tuff Baby P84, XS LED W, XS LED RGB, Drama LED W50 and Drama LED W120 fixtures. They released the new Axis Grid infinite pan and tilt moving head with pixel control that displays both letters and numbers. The Nova-Lite LED single source house light was also launched at the show. Dicolor had a huge presence in the booth as well. They showcased the widely popular BAT M1-391 LED Display, with a 6 panel video wall. Two new LED panels were launched in the booth including the Phantom Panel 5.9mm outdoor LED display with a 36 panel video wall and the X-Panel 2.84mm Ultra HD indoor LED Display with a 15 panel video wall.

RGBLink also had a big presence at InfoComm in Booth C5237! The video processing manufacturer showcased their Venus series with the Venus X1, Venus X2 and Venus X3. The new X3 Live Mixer made its debut there at InfoComm.

As an official sponsor, Mega-Lite and PR Lighting dominated the rig at the Live Experience booth C4056. Mega-lite showed the new Axis Cyclops single-lens infinite moving head, Drama FS-LED 700 and debuted the Axis Grid. Attendees also got a sneak peek of upcoming units from Mega-Lite including the H5 Hazer, Madusa 4-1 moving head, O-Beam 17R outdoor moving head and O-Blinder units. Mega-Lite introduced their new Lumen8 Surface all-in-one consoles with training classes offered at the show. The lighting control in the booth was run by the soon-to-be released Lumen8 Pro. PR Lighting showcased their new ellipsoidal Pro Stage 150-RGBW and XPar 150 single source outdoor par.

Mega Systems, Inc. also partnered up with more exhibitors at the show. Mega-Lite and Dicolor products were shown in the TAF Truss Aluminum Factory booth C5654, Vue Audiotechnik, LLC Booth C12119 and  Electro-Voice Demo Room N109.



Mega-Lite booth C5046


36 Phantom Panel 5.9mm

15 X-Panel 2.84mm

6 Bat M1-391 LED Display

Plus Truss

1M, 2M, 2.5M & 3M Stick Truss


2 V210

1 Magma Sub

Live Events Experience C4056

Mega-Lite Sneak Peak

2 Lumen8 Stations

1 Lumen8 Pro

1 H5 Hazer


1 O-BEAM 17R


Plus Truss

1M, 2.5M & 3M Stick Truss

RGBLink Booth C5237

RGBLink – X3 Live MixerVenus X1Venus X2 and Venus X3

Electro-Voice Demo Room N109

Mega-Lite – 8 Drama LED W120 19-degree

TAF - Truss Aluminum Factory booth C5654


8 Robo Baby Q-70


1 Venus X1

Vue Audiotechnik, LLC Booth C12119


6 Drama LED W50 19-degree

4 Drama LED W50 36-degree

5 Tuff Baby 84

2 Baby Color VW


1 Venus X1