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Releasing The New Butterfly 2

By July 12, 2017news

Helotes, Texas- PR Lighting has introduced the Butterfly 2, an eleven LED engine effect moving head fixture.

The fixture is composed of eleven independently controlled or grouped LED engines all in one unit.  A fixed center RGBW 3.5-degree beam is surrounded by five other individual identical RGBW beams that also have tilt control, creating a flapping butterfly effect. This fixture contains five white LED clusters that can be individually controlled or can work together to create either a white blinder strobe or random strobing effect. The entire unit can pan 540° and tilt  270° while the entire head can spin continuously 360° and outer LED’s can tilt 180°. Its LCD touchscreen and WDMX control make operation and connection easy and intelligible.

The Butterfly 2 is a colorful and eye-dazzling lighting fixture, suitable for concerts, clubs or any setting that requires and desires precise movement.

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