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Releasing The New Phantom 440

By July 12, 2017news

Helotes, Texas- PR Lighting has introduced the Phantom 440, a high-performance beam, wash and spot hybrid moving head fixture.

Equipped with an OSRAM SIRIUS HRI 440W (7000±300K, 1500 hours) discharge source makes the lamp versatile and applicable as an all-purpose device. One fixed gobo wheel with 18 fixed gobos and one rotating gobo wheel with seven rotating gobos gives you a wide array of gobos to choose from. The bi-directional interchangeable animation wheel that rotates at variable speeds gives the lamp the capability of a nice animation effect. With its own CTO channel, linear CMY color mixing system with macro and a frost filter, the lamp can create a smooth color mixing wash effect, the perfect effects for theatre The prism wheel with eight-facet prisms and five-facet array prisms can create a variety of beam effects, making this fixture ideal for a club scenery or concerts. Having three different modes, the lamp consists of a  0° to 2.8° beam angle in beam mode, 5° to 60° in spot mode and 5°to 68° in wash mode, allowing the lamp effects to be used in near and far distances, making it suitable for large or small settings. Assembled with a modular structure and wireless control allows for easy maintenance, operation, and connection.

The Phantom 440 is a must have multi-tool fixture that can be used in large or small venues for concerts or any size productions.

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