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RKE Productions Uses MEGA Products for Fore-N-Aft Reunion Benefit Concert

By December 12, 2018news

Fore-N-Aft was a local music rock club in the ’60s and ’70s that closed in the early 80’s. This year there was a Fore-N-Aft Reunion Benefit Concert held at IVES Concert Park in Danbury, CT. Those who attended were able to enjoy a day with music from 10 different bands in which RKE Productions Inc. used several MEGA-Lite and PR Lighting units to highlight the performers.

Some of the units used for this successful event were MEGA-Lite Target Q190. The Mega-Lite Target Q190 is an RGBW color changing LED wash fixture with three rings of control that created a bulls-eye effect. Its varying white color temperatures can be used to create bright cool whites as well as warm ones. Along with the Target Q190, eight Baby Color Q70 were placed on the drum riser, floor and guitar amps to help bring the lighting visually down to the stage two others were used to highlight the drum set. RKE Productions Inc. Secretary/ Treasurer Eric Schutz who acted as the Lighting Designer and Operator was impressed by the coverage the few Baby Color Q70 units were able to project.

“It was only 8 fixtures that were used, but it made a huge impact on the overall look,” said Schutz.

Along with the MEGA-Lite products, eight PR Lightin

g XLED 3007 units were used to create unique effects. The XLED 3007 is a compact moving head that creates powerful visuals for its size. Equipped with seven 20W RGBW LEDs, it produces a punchy beam and can transform from a beam to a wash, a feature that Schutz really liked.

The XLED 3007 is a wonderful fixture, it’s lightweight, fast, very bright and punchy,” said Schutz. “It can go from a wash to beams for great effects and even the continuous rotation mode that I originally didn’t think I would use, I find myself using every once in a while to create additional energy.”

With the unique structure of the IVES Center, the units that were chosen for this production were ideal for the ground support lighting this application required, which satisfied Schutz.

“The IVES Center is challenging to light for a one-off show since all of the overhead pipes are dead hung and the current house plot is very limited, this show was planned to be all ground supported,” said Schutz. “I’m very satisfied with MEGA Systems, they are great to work with and they have great products at decent prices.”

Vice President of RKE Productions Ken DeFreitas who had a personal connection to this event agreed with Schutz in the success of it.

“This was a particularly special event for me to be involved with because the band that I started out with many years ago, “Paralax” which originally played at the Fore-N-Aft club in New York State, reunited specifically to perform for this fundraiser. They were friends from years ago that I still have ties with and I was also familiar with several of the other bands involved who performed in the same time frame when we all started performing,” said DeFreitas. “For me, it was kind of like having a way-back machine to visit good times in my past that helped me to get where I am now.  Because this was a fundraiser for some very worthy charities, our production company, RKE Productions, Inc. felt it was equally important to put together the best show we could, providing top-notch sound and lighting systems and providing whatever other services the ten participating bands required. We were very pleased to be involved and proud of the services we were able to provide. It was a great event.”