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San Antonio Celebrates 300 Anniversary with Aqua LED 600

By June 20, 2018news, Uncategorized

SAN ANTONIO, Texas-  BP Lighting, Sound & Video LLC used the PR Lighting Aqua LED 600 that was acquired through Mega Systems Inc. to add a unique effect on the Tower of the Americas.

Contributing to the celebration of San Antonio’s “300” year anniversary of the establishment of the Alamo, BP Lighting, Sound & Video LLC projected a large “300” gobo onto the Tower of the Americas which is located in the city’s downtown area. Being an extremely bright light, the Aqua LED 600 had an impeccable projection that can be viewed even from approximately a half a mile away. The PR Lighting fixture impressed Lighting Director, Timothy Fuller as well as the audience that attended the event.

“I felt that the product was bright enough for the project we had before us,” said Fuller. “Also being that it was an LED fixture it didn’t draw a lot of power, which was a good thing since there was only a small generator to provide power for the unit. I feel like it was the right product to be left outdoors for multiple days without having to turn off the fixture and cover it up from the elements, which would keep us from continuously projecting the “300” gobo on to the tower.”

The AQUA LED 600 Spot is a bright and powerful IP65 rated luminaire that is perfect for both indoor and outdoor production. With a powerful 600W LED engine this moving spot luminaire is PR’s brightest IP rated LED light to date. It features a variety of effects that can be used under inclement weather. This allows for the unit to be used in outdoor productions or in permanent and temporary exterior applications. The Zoom Range, Animation Wheel, Gobos, Prism and CYM color mixing can be used to create unique looks in different conditions. The Aqua 600 has a unique easy gobo access which facilitates changing the gobos without the need of having to disassemble the entire head. With a dynamic zoom range (8°-56°) the unit can be utilized in near and far settings. Whether used for production or installation, the Aqua Led 600 Spot can illuminate all of your applications.

“The fixture is a well-constructed light and being an IP 65 rated fixture makes it a useful tool to use on outdoor lighting projects without the worry of the fixture being destroyed because of weather,” said Fuller. “All in all the Aqua LED 600 spot is a good fixture.”

With the advantage of only having to use one fixture, the Aqua LED 600 added a unique touch to the San Antonio downtown area by being able to project a large visible “300” gobo onto one of the most popular buildings in San Antonio. Mega Systems Inc, PR Lighting, and BP Lighting, Sound & Video LLC were able to contribute to a special and memorable event that the city held in memory of part of their long history.

“We are satisfied with MEGA as a company and being able to assist us quickly with the acquisition of this light,” said Fuller.