H5 Hazer


Product Description

Enhance the appearance of beams and lighting fixtures or create a special effect with the H5 Hazer. This new powerful hazer from Mega-FX creates haze with long hang times and even particle dispersion. At full intensity, the H5 Hazer can quickly fill up a space with haze at 10,000 cubic feet per minute.

The H5 Hazer’s output volume and speed is accessible via DMX512 in order to achieve the perfect balance of this atmospheric effect. The unit houses both 3-pin and 5-pin DMX to suit both connection needs.

Gain further control of the H5 Hazer with the wireless controller, included for turning the unit on and off remotely. On board control of the H5 Hazer gives access to more functionality including interval, duration, timer and fluid sensor settings via a digital display. Also, the H5 Hazer will automatically turn off when fluid runs out.

The H5 hazer holds 1/2 gallon of Mega Nectar, our signature water-based haze fluid designed to not leave behind residue on surrounding surfaces. It is also equipped with a single mounting yoke for rigging or can be placed on the floor. Additionally, the H5 Hazer allows the angle of the airflow to be adjusted.


Data Sheet
DMX Profile


Product Data

DMX Connectors:

3-pin and 5-pin


Maximum ambient temperature – 104° F (40° C)
Maximum surface temperature – 140° F (60° C)

Fastening System:

Single mounting yoke



Power Connection:

Cable mounted nema 5-15


110V AC

Power Rating:


Power Consumption:

14 amps
1619 watts

Heating Time:

3 minutes

Smoke Output:

10,000 CuFt/Min

Tank Capacity:

1/2 gallon


DMX 512

DMX Channel:

Channel 1: Volume
Channel 2: Fan Speed