iCandy Q18

Product Description

MEGA-LITE presents the iCandy-Q18, a new sleek and modern IP65 linear bar designed for both indoors and outdoors. As the name implies, this fixture is an eye candy light that can be used to create dazzling looks for different sized stages or adding an eye-catching effect to highlight vertical or horizontal lines. Utilizing a matrix, it’s enabled to do pixel control for unique eye-candy effects and recreate videos, making it ideal for pixel-mapping. This unit features 18 RGBW LEDs and with its unique slender form, this eye-candy fixture can create various designs suitable for different environments. Setting up creative designs can be customized with multiple mounting hardware options including a single joint, star joint, sliding mount and a place for center mount clamping. This eye dazzling lighting fixture with a low profile appearance and ease of use is great for both installation and production.

User’s Manual
Data Sheet

Diffuser included

iCandy center clamp mount, 2 unit joiner and star joiner.