PR-5000 Wash/Beam

Product Description

The PR-5000 WASH/BEAM belongs to PR-5000 series as well, with both wash and beam available in one that makes it easy to be converted via DMX, without any change will be needed. Besides, with 5.3° in highlight mode (Beam) and 15.81° ~ 31.05° linearly zoom (Wash).


Product Data

Main Features:

Wash: linearly zoom from 15.81° to 31.05°; Beam: 5.3°in highlight mode; DMX512 wireless signal receiver; Double strobe/shutter blades, 0.3~25F.P.S

Colour System:

Linear CYM colour mixing system with macro; 1 wheel with 7 dichroic colour filters plus white; Half color effect, With variable speed bi-directional rainbow effect; Step/linear colour changing is available

Control and Programming:

DMX512, 3 pin and 5 pin interfaces; RDM control protocol; 13 channels in short mode, 17channels in standard mode, and 22channels in extended mode; Self-test mode