Product Description

Mega Control Systems introduces the new MEMO DMX, a wall-mountable DMX scene recorder made in the USA that allows the user to control house and stage lights with the click of a button.

The MEMO DMX consists of 16 recordable scenes via two pages using one DMX512 universe. It has the ability to take a DMX input from the house lighting console which then passes DMX through when the console is on. When the house lighting console is off the unit takes over and plays back the selected scenes via robust push buttons that also include LED indicators. The unit fits in a standard two-gang electrical box and has a rugged anodized wall plate which gives it a professional and elegant look.

Designed to work in conjunction with or without a console, the MEMO DMX Main and MEMO DMX Remote are simple to use and can be installed in any church, theater, or building that requires a design with multiple scenes. The MEMO DMX lets the user simplify the lighting design in their room with the click of a button.

Data Sheet

Memo DMX Main: MC1090
Memo DMX Remote: MC1091