Enlighten Lighting Control Software

Product Description

Enlighten Lighting Control Software is specifically designed for House of Worship and Stage Lighting Control. With an easy to use system of creating buttons as looks or sequences, Enlighten gives you the power and flexibility you need. Pair Enlighten with a touch screen or MIDI wing and get unparalleled control of your stage.
Try a free-limited version by downloading the software. The Enlighten Lighting Control Software is developed and assembled in Texas.

The Beta Version is here, If you would like to test it send an email request to wp@mega.lighting
1. Improved playback engine performance drastically
2. Improved Video Cross fading
3. Shutter fixtures will now fade in from black
4. Other minor bug fixes
5. Up to 4 Camera Input from Windows Native Video Capture cards (Video In)
6. Improvement on workflow and editing of timeline Schedules


Product Data

Video Control:

Crossfade and trigger video and lighting at the same time. Grandmasters and sub masters control video transparency Control each layers position and size. Control up to four layers Control hue, contrast and brightness for each layer Import MPEG, MOV, AVI, JPEG and PNG files displayed as presets Outputs video via HDMI.

Minimum Requirements:

PC with minimum 1GHz Processor Video Resolution of at least 1024 x 768 USB Port for USB to DMX Interface 40mb Hard Drive Space.


Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7, 32 /64bit, Dual Output Video card for Video playback Touch Screen compatible (19" or larger recommended)


Step by step wizard walks the user through creating a look or sequence. Unlimited pages of buttons that triger still looks, sequences, multiple buttons, and timeline schedules. Multiple views to arrange fixtures graphically in different rooms or areas. More advanced users can program looks step by step without the wizard. Palettes are automatically created on Patching or can be made custom Patch fixtures from a list of available profiles or create your own. Palettes presets is the foundation of the programming system Up to 24 Universes (CPU and USB interface dependent). Direct fader control with virtual wheel controls Shape generator for movement with offests Easy backup and restore of entire shows Password protection for user only mode Copy / Paste scenes and sequences. LED Matrix Engine and LED Macros Printable patch list Unlimited fixtures Fixture groups. Unique movement control making positiong fixtures easier.

Version Updates

Version 5.08 (Release 1/25/2017)

  • On selecting advanced channels when saving, last channels selected gets saved on next save
  • Expand icons show on top of buttons properly in Sequence shortcut pages
  • Multi Button missing button handles better ( no error message )
  • Channel count change in fixture editor does not take effect until enter is pressed
  • Updated profiles

Version 5.05 (Release 10/27/2016)

  • Now includes the ability to easily import fixtures sent from within the software
  • Fixed crash/delay on some systems that would occur when users close the program
  • Updated fixture library

Version 5.03 (Release 05/19/2016)

  • Fixed an error message that would pop up on closing the applications on some PCs
  • Updated Fixture Profile library

Version 5.02 (Release 03/30/2016)

  • Midi Controller Bump Fix

Version 5.01 (Release 03/14/2016)

  • Crash fix
  • New fixture profiles

Version 5.0 (Release 01/26/2016)

  • Better FX layering
  • Pan and Tilt Tracking Option
  • Faster rendering
  • Clear Live Option
  • Easier button group movement
  • New icons
  • Improved Video rendering Engine
  • Artnet Output Improved
  • New Fixture patching Dialog
  • Multiple faders pages instead of scrolling
  • Automatic Multi Button Save
  • Improved timeLine Scheduler operation
  • HD video Out option for +Media feature
  • Preset Position now embeded before Movement Shape
  • Bug Fixes

Version 4.58 (Release 03/02/2015)

  • Allowed for multiple midi wing on different channels
  • Fixed midi command on some midi controllers
  • Added fixture Profiles
  • Other Mics Bug fixes


Media is a feature in Version 4.0 or higher of the Enighten Lighting Control Software. It allows users to crossfade video and lighting at the same time and control multiple layers directly from the board. Existing users enable this feature by updating their software.

+Media 4