Max 12


Product Description

The Max 12 is engineered to provide a high output and still maintain a maximum fidelity. The Max 12 loudspeaker incorporates a 12” low frequency woofer and a 1.77” voice coil high frequency compression driver. The woofer is mounted in a vented enclosure that is tuned for optimum low frequency response. The compression driver is mounted on a constant directivity horn.

The Max 12 has a multiple of hanging points allowing the enclosure to be mounted vertical and horizontal. The Max 12 is equipped with 13 treaded point for eye bolt placement. The enclosure is asymmetric in shape allowing it to be used as a floor monitor and is finished in a Black textured paint finish. The speaker uses a NL4 type connector wired in parallel.

The system produces a frequency response from 55Hz to 18KHz and is capable of producing a peak level of 121dB. The components inside the Max 12 are able to handle 200 watts of amplifier power and a peak power of 400 watts.