MVP 320


Product Description

Multi-screen splicing processor of RGBlink series is a kind of video image processing workstation with high performance and pure hardware architecture which has no operation system, it is capable of showing and displaying multi-dynamic pictures on multi-screens to realize the function of splicing multi-windows. It is specially designed for the needs for displaying multi-pictures with high quality, especially suitable for flexibly controlling various types of screens and resolutions. And it suitable for using in the industries such as education, study, science research, government notice, information publishing, administration, military command, exhibition and show, security monitoring and home appliance sales etc.


Product Data

Computer VGA input signal:

Resolution: 800×600 up to 1920×1200; Refreshing frequency is 60Hz; Depth of Color: 32 bit / Pixels; Connector: RGB: 15pin D-sub(DB15/DE-15F)(Female connector)

YPBPR input signal:

Qty. 2 to 64 way YPBPR signal; Type: YPBPR(Analogue); Resolution 480P up to1080P@60; Depth of Color: 32 bit / Pixels; RGB: 15 pin D-sub(DB15/DE-15F)/ Female connector

Computer DVI input signal:

Type: DVI(Digital); Resolution: 1920×1200 below self-adaption, Refreshing frequency is 60Hz

HDMI signal input signal:

Qty 2 to 64 way HDMI signal; Resolution: 1920×1200 below self-adaption; Support protocol: HDCP 1.3; Connector: HDMI Type A

Video input signal:

Qty16 to 256 way video signal; Type: PAL format; Connector: Compound video: BNC(Female connector)

UTP video input signal:

Qty. 4 to 64 way UTP video input signal; Resolution: 1920×1200 below self-adaption; Connector: RJ45/ Female connector

IP input signal:

Qty. 1 to 64 way H.264/MPEG-4 signals; Resolution: 1080P/720P/D1; Connector: RJ45/ Female connector

DVI/VGA output signal:

Qty. 4 to 72 way DVI / RGB signal; Type: RGB(Analogue)/DVI(Digital); Resolution up to 1920×1080

UTP output signal:

Qty. 4 to72 way DVI / RGB signal; Type: RGB(Analogue)/DVI(Digital); Resolution up to 1920×1080; Maximum output distance: 100meter, 1920×1200@60Hz;(It is recommended to use CAT-6 STP/UTP); Connector: RJ45/ Female connector