Product Description

VSP 5162PRO is the seamless switcher that accepts a wide variety of video signals, including analog RGB, Video, HDTV and Digital video and graphic inputs.

It combines truly seamless, glitch-free switching with advanced scaling technology producing high quality, high resolution video presentations. The VSP 5162PRO offers seamless transition effects CUT and Fade between the inputs switching, 4K×1K output splicing and quick configuration local control panel and remote control ports with free of charge Window based software and open protocol for system integration.

Compared with the old version, VSP 5162PRO improves the operation performance based on the feedback, also introduces new features which had been successful in other products, including Displayport input supports, user defined output resolution and up to 4K×1K splicing processing. All these advanced capabilities feature VSP 5162PRO the best cost to performance choice for high-end presentation environments.

Key Features

  •  4K x 1K output splicing resolution;
  •  Support different pixels mapping;
  •  Seamless switching between any inputs;
  •  Preview and program output separately;
  •  Cascade for sync mosaic;
  •  User- defined output resolution;
  • Improved media files player for USB input with HD capacity.