XS 1500 Spot


Product Description

The XS 1500 SPOT equipped with 1500W discharge lamp, 14.5°~23.2°linearly zoom and additional extended zoom range up to 28°.


Product Data

Key features:

1500W discharge lamp, 5 indexable rotating gobos 7 fixed gobos, DMX controlled, linearly adjustable focus (16-bit); 1 linear lens,2 frosts and 1 x 3-facet prism (bi-directionally, rotatable, indexable).


Short Mode: 20, Standard Mode: 24, Extended Mode: 31.


5 indexable rotating gobos 7 fixed gobos


Pan 540°, Tilt 270°, auto position correction, speed adjustable, with lock mechanism

Short mode:

23; Standard mode, 28; Extended mode, 35; Self-test mode

Linear CYM colour mixing system macro
1 wheel with 6 dichroic colour filters plus white;
half color effect, With variable speed bi-directional rainbow effect
Step/linear colour changing is available