MSP 209M


Product Description

MSP 209M supports one channel media conversion between 1000Base-T and 1000Base-LX through SC type interface. MSP 209-GX00/ MSP 209-GX01 , this empowers the installers the in fiber-optic networking. To centralize the fiber-optic network installation, the MSP 209-GX00/ MSP 209-GX01 can be used as standalone units or as a slide-in module to the PLANET intelligent Media Converter Chassis
As MSP 209-GX00/ MSP 209-GX01 fully complies with IEEE802.3ab 1000Base-T and IEEE802.3z 1000Base-LX, using the Gigabit media conversion is quite quick and easy by simply plug and play.
Single mode support up to 10Km by 2 single mode cable; Multi mode support up to 1Km by 2 multi mode cable.


Product Data


IEEE 802.3z/AB 1000Base-T 1000Base-SX/LX

UTP Cable:

Cat.5e or Cat.6 cable and up to 100m.

Fiber Cable:

1000SX: 50/125,62.5/125μm molti-mode; 1000LX: 9/125μm single-mode.

LED Indicators:

LED Indicators: TP TX,RX, , 100, 1000, Power, FX LINK

TP Flow Control:

NWay auto-negotiation

Fiber Flow Control:

NWay at full-duplex mode

Power Requirement:


Ambient Temperature:

0 ~ 50℃


5% ~ 90%