Product Description

MSP 214 DVI Extender consists of DVI transmitter (MSP 214 DVI to Fiber) and DVI receiver (MSP 214 Fiber to DVI, DVI signal is realized by single mode twin-core fiber or multimode twin-core fiber. And DVI digital video signal has to fulfill the long-distance transmission during the multimedia application system.

But when you use an ordinary cable for long distance transmission, it will always show the poor output signal, be easy of the interference, the image displayed appears the phenomenon of the vague, the tailing and color separation etc. At the same time, the distance of transmission is short, it can not meet the requirement of long-distance transmission for the multimedia information issuing and so on, using the MSP 214 DVI Extender for transmitting, this kind of problem has been completely solved. The distance of transmission is10km in single mode. The DVI Extender has the outstanding points with a little attenuation, high-frequency bandwidth, strong anti-interference, high safety performance, small volume and light in weight etc., therefore, it has incomparable advantages in the respect of the special environment and the long distance transmission. It is used in the multimedia system, which saves on the construction cost and easy for cable arrangement, and the target of high-quality performance is also guaranteed.

MSP 214 DVI to Fiber is the transmitter, and MSP 214 Fiber to DVI is the receiver, the two devices are used together, it can be realized the long distance transmission of DVI signal by MSP 214 DVI to Fiber with fiber optical cable to MSP 214 Fiber to DVI. This is especially suitable for the high definition video signal transmission in the train platform and the military practice.

User’s Manual

Input 1 x DVI (Tx)
2 x Fiber (Rx)
Output 1 x DVI (Rx)
2 x Fiber (Tx)
Net Size 98mmx92.9mmx23.5mm
Package size 140mmx140mmx70mm
Net weight 0.16kg
Package weight 0.8kg
Work Temperature 0°C~40°C
Relative Humidity 10%~85%