MSP 221


Product Description

MSP 221 is the EDID&HDCP Manager with high performance, high stability, high-definition. It supports 1 HDMI, 1 VGA input, and 1 DVI (compatible HDMI), 1 VGA output. When input HDMI or VGA signal, MSP 221 will directly powered. It supports EDID automatic identification, and supports the function of read EDID file from the USB port, and EDID file copy input . The EDID&HDCP Manager supports 2560×816 output resolution. Compact structure, and it is very simple to operate.


Product Data

HDMI Input

Number of inputs: 1; Connector: HDMI standard type A interface: Input resolution (Supported Standards) VESA: up to 2560*812@60Hz

VGA Input

Number of inputs: 1; Connector: DB15 interface; Input resolution (Supported Standards) VESA: 1920*1200@60Hz

DVI Output

Number of outputs: 1; Connector: Standard DVI-I Socket; Signal Level: TMDS pw, 165MHz bandwidth; Input resolution (Supported Standards) VESA: 2560*812@60Hz

VGA Output

Number of outputs: 1; Connector: Standard DB15 Socket; Output resolution (Supported Standards) VESA: 1920*1200@60Hz; Signal Level R, G, B、Hsync, Vsync: 0 to1Vpp±3dB (0.7V Video 0.3v Sync ) 75 ohm black level: 300mV Sync-tip: 0V


Assignment control: USB; Power Supply: 12V standard 3.5‖ interface power module; Working Environment: 0°C~45°C; Stored Environment: 10% to 90%; Size: 98mmX92mmX22mm; Product Warranty: 3-year parts and labor warranty