MVP 8043

Product Description

MVP 8043 supports preview output as 8 display windows multiviewer for its 8 video and graphic inputs, which inputs by SDI and DVI, DVI is HDMI compatible. MVP 8043 supports program output for user to seamless take out one of the eight inputs. As built based on High Speed FPGA and video graphic capture bus, MVP 8043 is also capable of multiple stack up to do seamless mapping by an external genlock.

With its 4 SDI inputs to be compatible of SD/HD/SDI, and 4 DVI inputs to be compatible of DVI graphic, HDMI video, MVP 8043 is defined a creative tool for meetings, sports, concerts, weddings and brand promotion.

MVP 8043 offers multiple operation and control possibility by local front panel, remote control panel and Software control by USB and TCP/IP, MVP 8043 equips a knob in the front control panel to control the seamless fade switching speed between any 2 inputs like a T-Bar. makes it flexible to integrated into live application.


Product Data


8 Display Windows Multiviewer; 4 SDI(SDI/ HD/3G Compatible)inputs; Multimode preview layout; Program and Preview outputs separately by DVI and SDI; Genlock reference input for synclization; Multiple Seamless Mapping by Stack up; Local operation panel with Rotary Knob for Fade Speed Control; Remote control by USB and TCP/IP;


Number/signal type: Genlock × 1; Connectors: BNC × 1


Encoder: (scan converted output ) 10 bit digital; Digital sampling; (program & preview outputs) 30 bit; Colors: 16.78 million


Local front panel、Remote Control Panel CP3096; Remote USB、Ethernet


Power: 110VAC to 220VAC, 50/60HZ, <65W; Enclosure dimensions: 480(L) x 100(W) x 88(H) mm