Product Description

Take control of large events with T-ONE, putting full power of control with the programmer and operator. T-ONE features an integrated 14in LCD touch screen front and center with illuminated keys dynamically lit and many with dedicated electronic legends for superior visibility.

Connect X3 or X7 processors to T-ONE enabling hands on remote control, utilizing the power of the RGBlink XPOSE software. T-ONE is XPOSE with console surface, this enables fluid and demand based actions like never before when using compatible universal processors.

Positioning and sizing layers and outputs and other features can be achieved in a manner that is most familiar to the user, whether via touch screen, keypad or precision joystick.

From programming layouts to controlling live, T-ONE is intuitive and opens up a wide range of possibilities in new ways.

Key Features:

  • Control the X series products
  • Quick operation for multi APP
  • Support multiple cascade
  • Import and export the control parameters
  • Custom the buttons online
  • Button calculator
  • Programmable controller
  • 14 inch full color and full-aspect touch screen driver
  • H.264/265 decode and display
  • 14 inch full color backup menu output
  • Joystick control