VSP 1314


Product Description

The VSP 1314 is a 3 layers seamless switcher and scaler that accepts a wide variety of video signals,including RGB computer video,HDTV,which support 4 composite(CVBS),2 VGA,2 DVI(compatible with HDMI1.3),2 USB inputs and 1 DVI3(background window). It combines truly seamless,glitch-free switching with advanced scaling technology to meet the requirement of high quality,high resolution video presentation. Use the switching transition effects can offer a wide range of effects,such as full screen, dissolves and wipes with selectable durations as well as a cut,the video transition effect is only enable for the program output.Numerous seamless transition effects,triple windows operation,variety user configuration,pixel-to-pixel,multiple save memory and remote control ways for integration, VSP 1314 is designed to deliver advance capabilities to high-end presentation environments and mobile LED screen.


Product Data

Composite BNC Inputs 4

Supported Standards: PAL/NTSC 480i,576i Signal Level: 1Vpp±3db (0.7V Video 0.3v Sync ) 75 ohm

VGA DB15 Input 2

Connector: Standard DB15 socket Supported Standards: VGA-UXGA Signal Level: R、G、B、Hsync、Vsync:0 to1Vpp±3dB (0.7V Video 0.3v Sync ) 75 ohm black level:300mV Sync-tip:0V Supported Standards VGA-UXGA (800*600@60, 1024*768@60, 1280*1024@60, 1440*900@60,1600*1200@60)

DVI Input 2

Connector: Standard DVI-I socket Supported Resolution: SMPTE : 625/25 PAL, 525/29.97 NTSC, 625/50p PAL 525/59.94p NTSC:1080i50,1080i59.94/60,720p50,720p59.94/60 VESA : 800Å~600Å~60Hz, 1024Å~768Å~60Hz , 1280Å~768Å~60Hz,1280Å~1024Å~60Hz,1600Å~1200Å~60Hz, 1920Å~1080Å~60Hz Signal Level: TMDS pwl,single pixel input,165MHz bandwidth Standard: HDMI 1.3

USB Input 2

Connector: Standard USB Connector Supported Standards: Image: JPGE,BMP,PGN Video: MPEG2,MPEG3, MPEG4,H264, RM,RMVB,MOV, MJPEG, VC1,DivX,FLV

Background Input 1

Connector: Standard DVI-I socket Signal Level: TMDS pwl, 165MHz bandwidth Supported Standards: VESA 800Å~600Å~60Hz, 1024Å~768Å~60Hz,1280Å~768Å~60Hz, 1280Å~1024Å~60Hz,1600Å~1200Å~60Hz,1920Å~1080Å~60Hz Signal Level: TMDS pwl,single pixel input,165MHz bandwidth Standard: DVI 1.0

DVI Output 2

Connector: Standard DVI-I Interface Signal Level: TMDS pwl, 165MHz bandwidth Supported Standards: VESA:800Å~600Å~60Hz,1024Å~768Å~60Hz,1280Å~768Å~60Hz, 1280Å~1024Å~60Hz,1440Å~900Å~60Hz,1400x1050x60 VGA Output: Via Dvi (reference manual for more info)

Operation Modes

Input button: Support programming configuration of every input channel signal Dural-screen: Support background image overlay Switch: Support arbitrary channel switch with fade-in and fade-out Power supply: 85-264V 2A IEC-3