VSP 5360


Product Description

The VSP 5360 is a landmark product which combines video processing algorithm CSMXP of RGBlink. Seamless switching between the 14 inputs, DSK for subtitle overlay, Preview and Program separately, 1 to 4 layers layout and seamless switching, Multiple cascade with sync splicing.
VSP 5360 is based on module based design, can easily expansion input interfaces including USB inputs for media files play, and supports more outputs with Genlock input for multiple sync control.
VSP 5360 launches the new milestone for Video Scaler and switcher, by introducing the latest 10 bit motion adaptive de-interlace, advance noise reduction and detail enhancement core processor.
VSP 5360 also release with flexible PIP, PBP, seamless switching, cross and frame rate conversion with pixel based scale and zoom engine up to 4K x 2K.
VSP 5360 can be widely applied to switcher and scale market, especially for the best presentation.


Product Data


Input: 1) 3 x CV; 2) 2 x VGA; 3) 3 x DVI (HDMI 1.3 ); 4) 2 x Displayport; 5) 1 x SDI (3G-SDI); 6) 1 x Genlock (G module); 7) 2 x SDI/VGA/DVI/USB; (SDI/VGA/DVI/USB module); Output: 1) 2 x DVI; 2) 2 x VGA; 3) 4 x DVI (Optional module); Support Function: Input sources preview; Fade-in fade-out switch; Multiple cascade synchronization split; Control of cascade multiple; Output format User-defined; Max Supported output resolution: 2048*1152*60/2560*816*60Hz; Operations: 1) Front panel; 2) RS232、USB、TCP/IP; Size:485mm x 448mm x 89mm Work temperature: 0℃~40℃; Relative humidity: 10%~85%